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Taking care of your flooring installation needs

If you find yourself in need of outstanding professional flooring installation, you are certainly not alone. Installation is the final step in your flooring experience, finalizing all the details of the hard work you’ve put forth through research, shopping, visiting showrooms, and choosing a floor covering. But a sound installation does so much more, and you’ll want to know about that.

NYC flooring, installed to your requirements

A professional installation means you’ll get the very best service possible, all the way through your flooring experience. Not only does this valuable service save you time and effort, but it can also ensure that your warranty is never voided through a faulty installation. You’ll appreciate the added peace of mind it brings to have guarantees in place as we back all of our installation work.

All floor coverings have their specific installation requirements, with some that are far easier and less time-consuming than others. For instance, laminate and luxury vinyl offers a quick and easy install that allows you to immediately walk on your flooring. On the other hand, hardwood, stone, tile, and carpet installation takes experienced precision and special tools to ensure the job is done correctly.
Hardwood flooring has the added step of acclimation, which is necessary before installation can begin. The process can take one or more days, depending on humidity levels inside your New York City space, and the weather conditions. Installers must also leave an expansion gap around the edges to allow for your flooring changes over time.

Installing carpet requires precise measurements, special tools for seam connecting and stretching, and experience in understanding how to deal with unforeseen circumstances. No matter which material you choose to floor your home with, we have the installer for you. Be sure to visit us for even more information.

We’re your flooring installation headquarters in Manhattan

Georgia Class Carpet is a flooring store in Manhattan that offers an in-house installation team with over 20 years of experience to put towards your personalized flooring project. Our associates take your satisfaction seriously, and we’ll work hard to make sure every aspect is just as you want and need it to be. There’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best when your floor coverings are concerned.

From our New York, New York showroom, we proudly serve the communities of Manhattan, NY, Upper West Side, NY, The Hamptons, NY, Westchester, NY, Lower East Side, NY, East Side, NY, The Bronx, NY, Manhattan, NY, and Upper West Side, NY. If you are a resident, be sure to stop by for a personalized consultation. We want to make sure you receive the best possible flooring installation, so be sure to stop by when it’s convenient.